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Andradite is the most is the most lustrous of the Garnets and has several gemstone varieties The term Garnet describes a group name for several closely related

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Andradite is a species of the garnet group It is a nesosilicate with formula Ca3Fe2Si3O12 Andradite includes three varieties Melanite Black in color referred to as quot titanian andradite quot Demantoid Vivid green in color one of the most valuable and rare stones in

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andradite Introduction to the Meaning and Uses of Adradite Garnet Andradite Andradite is a stone of emotional strength stability and balance It promotes

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Everything you ever wanted to know about andradite garnet Find value guidelines It even exceeds that of other well known jewelry stones such as diamonds

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Andradite is a member of the Garnet group and although not as well known as other Garnets such as Almandine or Pyrope it is still fairly abundant and can