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industry has received greater attention of late than mining With the evolution of new technology and mining methods combined with projects of ever increasing scale one might have reasonably expected productivity in the Australian mining sector to have increased over time But for a range of reasons at an industry

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OEE Good Pieces x Ideal Cycle Time Planned Production Time This is also an entirely correct way to calculate OEE and with a bit of reflec tion you will realize that multiplying Good Pieces by Ideal Cycle Time results in Fully Productive Time producing only good pieces as fast as possible

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With over 200 man years of industry experience working exclusively with Performance Management Solutions and with offices in Canada Europe and across the United States Ekhosoft is uniquely positioned to service your needs OEE Using real time data to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness wEKHO OEE enables you to identify quantify

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The South African mining industry has performed poorly over the past ten years with its contribution to the national GDP having halved since 1994 With a calendar time based OEE analysis

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THE MOST VALUE FOR MONEY MACHINE OEE SYSTEM IN the world Machine OEE helps factories identify production losses and enable decision makers at all levels to minimize them The results for our customers are better profitability Read more

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transporting equipment in the mining industry Keywords Availability Dragline Maintainability Mining Equipment Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE Performance Measurement Production Index Reliability Shovel Utilization I INTRODUCTION Minerals are one of our basic needs as they are used in

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It is therefore very important for the mining industry to utilize its intensive equipment with proper measurements In this paper an algorithm has been developed using Rstudio software to determine and evaluate the sensitive inputs to the life cycle of mining equipment as well as determine and analyze the Overall Equipment Effectiveness as a

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The concept of Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE was first developed in the 1960s specifically for measuring performance within the manufacturing industry There is clear value to be gained in implementing OEE correctly in any industry however for mining there have been challenges in adapting this measurement technique to extract maximum value

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OEE measurement also was used as a key performance indicator KPI to re flect the success of the underground mining operation A waterfall chart comple mented the OEE analysis especially for understanding and explaining the gradual transition in the quantitative value of an entity which is subjected to increment or decrement

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McKinsey Metals Mining published a 2015 paper that predicted a technology enabled transformation of the mining industry The paper identified some potentially game changing innovations that we believed would revolutionize the way mines operate and deliver much needed productivity gains

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2 KPMG Mining Operational Excellence Framework Mining companies have returned more money to shareholders over the last several years than companies in any other industry Commodity prices have been pointing upwards since mid 2009 These are great times to be in this industry However the cyclical nature of this industry


MINING EQUIPMENT AN OVERVIEW M E Michael Arputharaj Deputy Chief Engineer Mining Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd Tamilnadu India ABSTRACT In any opencast mining project the major share of initial capital investment goes towards the excavation and transportation equipment Hence it is very important to analyse the performance of

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE is simply how much your machine is working effectively within a given time frame It is a best practice to identify the percentage of

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With the advent of Industry 4 0 the collected data can now be uploaded to the cloud for big data analytics Importance of OEE in Industry 4 0 OEE and Industry 4 0 go hand in hand In fact OEE is the out ow from the manufacturing industry′s endeavors to address the challenges of Industry 4 0

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In this case the analysis was also carried out using the Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE model Studies 22 23 24 25 have also made reference to the effectiveness of mining machines

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Nov 29 2011 · As an industry whose fate is tied to the materials it extracts from the earth the mining business is vulnerable to fluctuations in commodity prices Mining operations can often be shut down by sustained price dips only to be resurrected a few years later when prospects pick up again

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Feb 16 2006 · Like Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE is a key tool for achieving operational excellence Although the pharmaceutical industry is five to 12 years behind discrete manufacturing in applying this concept more pharmaceutical companies including AstraZeneca and Merck are including OEE as part of their operational excellence toolkits and

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Most manufacturers are unable to link an improvement in OEE to a direct impact on profitability Hard to measure factory wide OEE in real time Due to the difficulties in collecting and tracking data required to calculate OEE most manufacturers end up measuring OEE

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effectiveness in production industry It identifies roots of time losses for all operations and introduces procedure to record time losses The procedure to estimate OEE of trucks has also been presented via numerical analysis Key Words OEE Mining Time Losses Equipment Utilization 1 INTRODUCTION

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Benefits of Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE Techniques in Metal Mining Environments WHITEPAPER Authored By Yong The AVEVA s Global Business Development Director for Mining Minerals and Metals MMM Industry Software Solutions Stewart Johnston AVEVA s Enterprise Solutions Manager for the Strategy and Lifecycle

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE is a measure of manufacturing process productivity OEE software provides a full end to end process performance monitoring solution that provides actionable

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OEE for Materials and Mining Materials and Mining companies are as equally concerned with availability quality and performance as those in more traditional manufacturing applications ICONICS OEE software can help companies in these fields set and meet realistic benchmarks

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Overall equipment effectiveness OEE is a Lean term you will often see associated with TPM and is considered a manufacturing best practice OEE drives action within total productive maintenance and is a tool used to assess a facility s productivity by assigning it a numerical value

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The analysis begins with data processing to match the data to your company s KPIs The machine data is then assigned to the OEE Monitor MindApp so that you can view all relevant data on the OEE Dashboard including the performance availability and quality

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Each plant was in the same industry and it is a fairly low price point product If you re line produces more valuable products or produces at a higher rate these numbers go up quickly Get Started If you would like to begin a discussion about what an OEE measurement tool can do you for your organization please connect with us below

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OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a very powerful metric This KPI is calculated from actual equipment availability performance and quality losses relative to maximum expected performance essentially capturing when an asset is available the speed at which it operates and the number of products out of quality specification

Analysing the Utilisation Effectiveness of Mining Machines

which mining operations take place and the specificity of mining machines as well as the results of the publications mentioned the authors decided to use the Overall Equipment E ectiveness OEE model which is a quantitative tool for assessing the Total Productive Maintenance TPM strategy 9 11 26 32–37 toanalysetheminingmachines

Challenges when applying OEE in Mining

Jan 12 2017 · OEE models designed for the mining industry need to address variations like this and others such as moisture ore characteristics recirculating loads cycle times fill factors and moving

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The mining industry comprises industries engaged in oil and gas extraction coal mining metal ore mining non metallic mineral mining and quarrying and support activities for mining and oil and gas extraction 7 Activity in the oil sands was the main driver in the increase in energy demand from the mining industries

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Not all measurement should be time based in mining The Quality metric in OEE does exist in mining and should not be set to 100 Production losses should NOT be stated in time The overall Production of the measured asset should be directly related to the overall OEE achieved

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The Fast Guide to OEE™ Presented by Vorne Industries Specialists in Visual Factory and Production Monitoring Systems ©2002 2008 Vorne Industries Inc Itasca IL USA 1 630 875 3600

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Controls and OEE tools FlexLink is committed to optimized production flow solutions with a minimal ecological footprint We do this by increasing system efficiency and re usability of equipment reducing power consumption and improving the work environment

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Most manufacturers are unable to link an improvement in OEE to a direct impact on profitability Hard to measure factory wide OEE in real time Due to the difficulties in collecting and tracking data required to calculate OEE most manufacturers end up measuring OEE once per week or month as an isolated metric on individual lines

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On average Best in Class organizations exhibit an OEE 2 6x better than Laggards due to an OEE of 82 5 vs 31 2 82 5 31 2 2 6 From this stack ranking we then correlate related KPIs to each tier to determine attributes and behaviors of these tiers which KPIs impact OEE either positively or adversely

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Sep 05 2013 · What is an OEE good for anyway Measuring the Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE is one thing but before you measure the OEE you should know when and where you actually need the OEE to improve your industry This post describes what the OEE is good for and what it s not There are countless OEEs measured in industry

Understanding and assessment of mining equipment

AbstractProductivity and efficiency of mining equipment are among the most important factors contributing to unit mining cost and measuring and benchmarking them is one of the best ways of identifying the possibilities of improvement It is in this context that the present paper discusses the notion of overall equipment effectiveness OEE

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OEE is an essential part of TPM Total productive maintenance the system that changed the way the world maintains and operates manufacturing facilities An industry pioneer and father of TPM Nakajima was unsatisfied with older traditional efficiency calculation models that were easy to manipulate

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The mining except oil and gas industry had a productivity decline of 3 5 percent as the increase in hours worked was larger than a modest increase in output Chart 2 Productivity growth in NAICS 3 digit manufacturing and mining industries 2018 2 Trends in Unit Labor Costs in 2018