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With a long history of mining in Western North Carolina the U S Geological Survey Mineral Resources Data System MRDS has recorded past mining activity at 1 290 locations in the MRC region These data are important for documenting the locations of mineral resources for potential future re use and for exposing potential hazards such as those

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Attractions Near Franklin North Carolina Mining for ruby and sapphire began in Macon County in 1870 Called corundum the minerals were mined commercially for abrasives and gave work to many men Corundum and other minerals mica and kaolin were hauled to the railroad by horse and wagon and shipped out of Macon County in large quantities


14 Index map of western North Carolina showing location of corundum deposits 106 15 Types of veins Buck Creek corundum district Clay County N C Barren feldspar hornblende vein in dunite prospect trench 250 feet south of Big Shaft sketched from outcrop B Hornblende corundum vein in sheared and altered dunite

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Corundum Red ruby Corundum to 3 5cm enclosed in a mica This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Dakota Matrix Minerals


CORUNDUM HILL FRANKLIN MACON COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA Sauunr G Gomom Acod emy oJ Natural Sciences oJ Philadel phia Visitors to the Vaux and Bement collections cannot have failed to notice the many fine ruby corundum crystals labeled Franklin Macon County North Carolina Their source the Cullasaja mine was perhaps the most celebrated

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 · About the Cherokee Ruby Mine The Cherokee Ruby and Sapphire Mine is a placer gem mine The term placer refers to mineral bearing deposits of ancient sand dirt and gravel which were left behind by ancient glaciers rivers or other flowing waters also known as alluvial deposits

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North Carolina was one of the first important sources of corundum both for abrasives and for instrument bearings Some gem material was also found Photos are thumbnails click on one to see the full resolution image An article on the history of the State s corundum deposits will be prepared later

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Corundum was valuable in the manufacture of abrasives such as sandpaper Impurities in the mineral also resulted in gem quality sapphires and rubies which were sometimes found during the course of mining corundum ore In fact the mineralized zone running northeast and southwest through Georgia and North Carolina was second only to the Mogok

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On Corundum Pond Vacation Rental in Franklin North Carolina Franklin NC 94 likes · 16 were here On Corundum Pond is a mountain vacation rental in Franklin NC The cabin is owned by the

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Filter 46 mines by commodity disposition development status and record type in Macon County North Carolina Quick Facts Aluminum Asbestos Chromium Copper and Corundum mines located in Macon County North Carolina

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Corundum from North Carolina USA Ruby North Carolina USA Corundum Corundum Hill Mine Franklin Ellijay Mining District Cowee Valley Macon Co North Carolina USA Click here to view North Carolina USA Photo Gallery View Gallery 5 photos Mineral and or Locality

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Corundum and the peridotites of western North Carolina North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey Volume I by J H Pratt and J V Lewis 1905 Health aspects of the asbestos minerals as they relate to the mining industry U S Geological Survey Professional Paper 1100 1978 p 178 179

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Identify your Treasures Gem quality natural citrine can be found in North Carolina Ruby Sapphire – These precious gemstones are the same mineral corundum When found as red corundum it is called ruby Every other color including blue is called sapphire It is the hardest mineral on Earth second to diamond

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 · Digging deep into Western North Carolina s mining history by Paul Clark June 1 2013 they said the quality of the ore would bring the then impressive price of 300 a ton Clingman dug a shaft and two tunnels at the mine but was able to produce only about 3 worth of silver North Carolina s state library has a fascinating sepia

Buck Creek Deposit MRDS 10025911 ABR C

analytical data lipin 1984 deposit hunter c e 1941 forsterite olivine deposits of north carolina and georgia north carolina division of mineral resources

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Historical Weather Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is FRANKLIN 3 W which is approximately 8 miles away and has an elevation of 2 170 feet 668 feet lower than Corundum Hill Because the nearest station and this geographic

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ⓘ Corundum Formula Al 2 O 3 Evans s Mine Chatham Co North Carolina USA Ore Hill Mine Carolina Slate Belt Chatham Co North Carolina USA North America Plate Tectonic Plate This page contains all mineral locality references listed on mindat org This does not claim to be a

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Corundum is a natural form of aluminum oxide and is the third hardest natural substance after diamonds and moissanite It appears in nature as colorless When impurities are present it can have every color of the rainbow Corundum is found everywhere in nature as igneous metamorphic or sedimentary rock

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Corundum crystals Photos of three corundum crystals On the left is a common corundum from Transvaal South Africa that is about 6 centimeters in height In the center is a gem quality ruby corundum from Karnataka India that is about 1 6 centimeters in height

Zoisite with Corundum Buck Creek Mine North Carolina

Apr 18 2019 Zoisite with Corundum Buck Creek Mine North Carolina

Ned Wilson Branch MRDS 10098389 ABR G

unsurveyed in nantahala national forest on ned wilson branch of caler fork of cowee creek near mason mountain knoxville 1 by 2 degree quadrangle does not locate ned wilson branch so location shown is an arbitrary point midway along caler creek


CORUNDUM DEPOSITS WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA 105 INTRODUCTION From 1878 until 1900 the States of North Carolina and Georgia furnished the world s only large scale production of abrasive corundum as distinct from emery Production from these deposits had ceased by

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a quantitative x ray diffraction study of mafic and ultramafic lithologies using the reference intensity method rim a case study from corundum knob clay county north carolina j e collins and r l kath georgia journal of science volume 56 1998 number 1

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Western North Carolina 1896 Lewis J V Corundum peridotites Blue Ridge Piedmont OP Bulletin 12 History of the Gems Found in North Carolina REPRINT 1995 1907 Kunz G F Gem stones Blue Ridge Piedmont OP Bulletin 13 Clay Deposits and Clay Industry in North Carolina 1897 Ries H Clay Blue Ridge Piedmont OP

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A ruby is a pink to blood red colored gemstone a variety of the mineral corundum aluminium oxide Other varieties of gem quality corundum are called sapphires Ruby is one of the traditional cardinal gems together with amethyst sapphire emerald and diamond The word ruby comes from ruber Latin for red The color of a ruby is due to the element chromium

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Full text of The minerals and mineral localities of North Carolina being chapter I of the second volume of the Geology of North Carolina See other formats


Polycrystalline or even massive corundum can be interesting as these three specimens from the vicinity of Franklin North Carolina portray All of these collected before 1850 may have come from Corundum Hill just outside Franklin which was mined for emery they ground this stuff up

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Return to minerals file index table Return to minerals page For further information For further information about these files contact Jeff Reid North Carolina Geological Survey 1612 Mail Service Center Raleigh NC 26799 1612

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Corundum and the peridotites of western North Carolina By Joseph Hyde Pratt Joseph Volney Lewis Corundum and Peridotites of Western North Carolina North Carolina Geological Survey Vol 1 pg 298 299 A Bevan 1934 Mineralogy and genesis of the Mayville iron ore of Wisconsin american Mineralogist 19 11 493 514

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Corundum is found in stream and beach sands because of its resistance to weathering It is mined in Zimbabwe Russia Sri Lanka and India as well as North Carolina and Ontario

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Corundum Ore can be found at Greywater Grotto South Southwest of Helgen Goldenrock mine at Darkwater Crossing west of Mist watch Halted Stream Camp left of the Transmute Spell Tome Pinepeak Cavern north of Ivarstead Along the mountain edge north of Shor s Stone Eldergleam Sanctuary on one of the edges

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Old Corundum Millsite Campground has been family owned and operated for three generations We are located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina on the Cullasaja River at the base of the Cullasaja Gorge between Franklin and Highlands at the historic site of the old Corundum Mill


Many of the other corundum localities in North Carolina contain corundum of a deep blue color but are not sufficiently transparent to be of value for gem purposes Another interesting variety of sapphire corundum occurring at the Corundum Hill Mine is a banded blue and white corundum One gem was cut from this banded material which made rather an

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Corundum var Sapphire from Corundum Hill Mine Franklin District Macon County North Carolina Corundum var Sapphire from Grimshawes Mine Jackson County North Carolina Eakerite from Foote Mine Kings Mt Cleveland County North Carolina Type Locality for Eakerite

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Corundum Mines In North Carolina Total Prospects Occurrences Plants Producers Clay 1 1 Cleveland 1 1 Jackson 1 1 Macon 1 1 Madison 2 2


Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide Al 2 O 3 typically containing traces of iron titanium vanadium and chromium It is a rock forming mineral It is also a naturally transparent material but can have different colors depending on the presence of transition metal impurities in its crystalline structure Corundum has two primary gem varieties ruby and sapphire

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Corundum Red crude Corundum wrapped with Muscovite The locality I assume is the nearest town and thus I do not know precisely the locality It is not quite this red in hand Acquired by Hampson in 1945 Perhaps somebody out there knows This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Dakota Matrix Minerals

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Corundum is best known for its gem varieties Ruby and Sapphire Ruby and Sapphire are scientifically the same mineral but just differ in color Ruby is the red variety and Sapphire is the variety that encompasses all other colors although the most popular and valued color of Sapphire is blue