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Oct 27 2017 Rain and Precipitation from the U S Geological Survey 39 s Water Find out how many gallons of rain falls by using our Interactive Rainfall Calculator In a more natural or undeveloped area the direct runoff would be considerably less million acre feet and weighs 9 2 trillion pounds 4 6 billion tons

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Water Side Q USGPM x 1 Btu amount of heat required to raise or lower temperature of one Chiller capacity tons gpm chilled water x ∆t water 24


Jul 10 2017 Cubic Area 785 x Diameter2 or 3 14 X Radius2 pi x Water Horsepower Q flow gal min x H Head in ft Specific Capacity Flow gallons per minute Well Drawdown 1 ton 2 000 pounds u 1 gallon of water

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Fast and easy conversion with US Gallons ⇄ U S Short Tons calculator on NinjaUnits you to convert US gallons of water gal to U S short tons of water sh tn wt the metric ton or the long ton 2 240 pounds or 1 016 0469088 kilograms

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gpm gallons per minute gpd gallons per day cfm cubic feet per minute Example Convert from m 3 h to Imperial gallons per minute gpm Volume flow in m 3 h must be multiplied with 3 67 to convert to Imp gpm Alternatively use the online fluid flow calculator above Related Mobile Apps from The EngineeringToolBox Flow Converter App

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Apr 08 2006 · Specific heat of water is essentially 1 Btu lb °F There are about 8 337 lb water 60°F gal 8 337 1 8 337 Btu gal °F There are 12 000 Btu h or 200 Btu min in a ton 200 Btu min ton 8 337 Btu gal °F 23 99 gpm °F ton So multiply gpm by delta T and divide by 23 99 and you will get tons Edited by Andy on 04 05 2006 at 12 04 AM

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1 ft of water 0 43 PSIG or 0 88 inches of Mercury Hg 8 1 gallon of water 1 MGD million gallons per day 694 4 gpm gallons per minute 19 gpm Chlorine Calculations Lime required lbs lbs lime ton sludge lbs sludge 2000

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cooling coil condensate can be calculated by the following formula cc condensate gpm 4 5 500 cfm change in humidity ratio of the air lb moister lb of dry air

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or BHP Ft Head x GPM 3960 x EFF EFF WHP BHP x 100 WHP Water Horsepower To determine the approximate horsepower required for an ACE centrifugal pump at a given flow and 12 000 BTU HR 1 Ton Refrigeration

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Use this water conversion tool to convert between different units of weight and volume Please note that this type of conversion requires a substance density figure A list of some common water density approximations is provided below Please enter a density figure select a unit to convert from and to enter a conversion value and click the

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Apr 10 2019 · at 65 3 gpm and 10F you have a DESIGN LOAD of 27 21 tons if you push more evaporator water through the barrel then your chiller has to work harder to remove the same heat load at the same conditions because the water flows through the barrel faster and has less time to give up its heat if you are getting a 9 7F drop at 15 tons then you aren t flowing the same water as designed or

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per minute or GPM The GPM is a function of the heat loss or gain of the building 12 000 BTUH per ton plus the compressor heat of about 3 000 BTUH ton 1 Assuming that the chosen fluid will be water once the ∆T is chosen the GPM of

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Calculate the weight in tons of rock waste produced globally each year when iron ore is converted to pig iron 1 6 billion tons of iron ore 1 2 billion tons of pg iron 4 billion tons of waste Calculate the weight in tons of pig iron that could be produced if all of the estimated global iron ore reserves were used for pig iron production

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Dec 13 2010 The conversion table will allow you to quickly convert various measures of capacity The table and BHP Boiler Horsepower 0 069 GPM Water Select an available receiver tank equal to or larger than 68 8 gallons

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Formula Conversion Table for Water Treatment and Water Distribution Measurement Conversion Measurement Conversion Measurement Conversion Measurement Conversion 1 ft 12 in 1 MGD 1 55 cfs 1 grain gal 17 1 mg L 1 min 60 sec 1 yd 3 ft 1


Here 39 s a list of general sizing formulae for everyday HVAC sizing calculations Pound of steam 1 pound of steam is equal to 970 BTU or an easy to remember rule of thumb is Heating water with steam with a steam to water heat exchanger GPM 2 4 GPM per ton assuming 10oF difference between entering and leaving

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Since one metric ton is 1000 kilograms we get 1000 litres of water in it Then we only need to convert 1000 litres to US gallons and get 264 17 gallons as it Pure water never reaches the density of 1 g cc or 252 891 grains cu in which is why

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Multiply your answer by 500 This converts the volumetric flow rate to a mass flow rate which is measured in pounds of water per hour With this example 3 900 x 500 1 950 000 This answer is the chiller s capacity measured in BTUs per hour Divide your answer by 12 000 1 950 000 12 000 162 5 This is the chiller s capacity in tons

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How many ton in 1 gallon The answer is 0 031491395793499 We assume you are converting between ton explosive and gallon U S of automotive gasoline The SI derived unit for energy is the joule 1 joule is equal to 2 3900573613767E 10 ton or 7 5895567698846E 9 gallon Note that rounding errors may occur so always check the results

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Aug 18 2015 He concludes that a 3 gpm ton 0 054 mL J condenser water flow r ate water shown diagramatically in Figure 1a is reduced or would be

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Subtract the supply water temperature from the return water temperature to find the system temperature change Calculate System Delivered BTU To find the system delivered BTU multiply the BTU multiplier of 500 x the estimated Pump GPM x the System Temperature Change Example Say you calculate the pump pressure at 5 4 feet of head Using the

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The BTU multiplier in the formula is 500 Because BTUs are measured per hour the 500 comes from one gallon of water that weighs 8 33 pounds times 60 minutes in one hour 8 33 pounds X 60 minutes 500 The second piece of the formula and sometimes the hardest to identify is flow rate in GPM or the system gallons per minute

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Submit the DMR monthly regardless of whether biosolids were hauled or not yards or weight wet tons then use the following formulas to calculate dry tons

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The calculator will ONLY calculate GPM and AFA based on the 1 MI 40 CFS standard used in Arizona California Montana and Oregon There is a workaround If your state uses another value for miners inches use the calculator below to calculate CFS then use the CFS calculator to convert the cubic feet per second into GPM or AFA

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Aug 7 2017 How to Convert GPM to Cooling Rate in Tons Factories use heat exchangers or chillers to regulate an area 39 s temperature How to Calculate the Minimum Flow Rate of the Cooling Water middot How to Calculate Average

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Calculate Gallons Per Minute Get a one gallon container and time how long it takes to fill it with water For the best accuracy measure the flow 3 or 4 times and average the times together The formula to find GPM is 60 divided by the seconds it takes to fill a one gallon container 60 seconds GPM

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Size GPM 1 5 GPM Ton 1 66 GPM Ton 1 88 GPM Ton 2 14 GPM Ton 2 5 GPM Ton 3 GPM Ton Condenser Water Pipe sizes in inches GPMs were selected to maintain water velocities below 10 fps for pipe size 8 inch and larger Smaller size pipes were selected to maintain water velocities below 7 fps

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Jun 29 2011 Can someone check my calculations below Proposed 2 ton system I read for an open system that the Average water use is 2 5gpm per ton x 2tons 5gpm Im trying to figgure out whether a ground closed loop system or an

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Use this form to calculate the water application rate using the flow rate on an area This calculator assumes perfect irrigation efficiency and uniformity Learn more about the units used on this page This is the formula this calculator uses to determine the water application rate

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Conversion chart for tonne per hour Metric flow rate by mass units conversion Instant units and measurements conversion metric conversion and other

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0 tonnage of ore in overflow S tonnage of sand M tonnage of ore in mill discharge and Ds Do and Dm are the liquid to solid ratios of the sand overflow and classifier feed at the points where they leave or enter the classifier Then circulating load ratio Do Dm Dm Ds 8 And circulating load tonnage F Do Dm Dm Ds 9

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1 in Mercury 1 133 ft of water 1kW 1 000 W L Length B Base W or Desired Feed Rate gph 100 Maximum Feed Rate lbs day Maximum Feed

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Jul 17 2017 · If water has to be pumped through a 2 inch Schedule 40 polyvinyl chloride PVC plastic pipe from a well to a pond 400 feet away calculate how many GPM the system is delivering The pressure gauge on the pipe at the well head reads 66 PSI and the one at the pond 50 8 PSI

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The tonnes water mass per hour unit number 0 23 ton hr converts to 1 gal min one gallon US per minute It is the EQUAL flow rate value of 1 gallon US per minute but in the tonnes water mass per hour flow rate unit alternative gal min ton hr flow rate conversion result

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Calculate Temperature Differential T°F T°F Incoming Water Temperature °F Required Chill Water Temperature Calculate BTU hr BTU hr Gallons per hr x 8 33 x T°F Calculate tons of cooling capacity Tons BTU hr ÷ 12 000 Oversize the chiller by 20 Ideal Size in Tons Tons x 1 2 You have the ideal size for your needs

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Flow Velocity ft sec x Factor 1 ft sec GPM Typical HVAC 1 Ton 12 000 BTU Hr ONICON Calculate Flow Rate from Voltage Output 0 10 VDC GPM Approximation for water Refer to calibration tag or certificate Measured

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This document how to calculator heating or cooling requirements for an overall BTU BTU Flow Rate In GPM of water x Temperature Leaving Process

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Cubic feet per second sometimes written second feet sec ft or cusec is most commonly used for 12 acre inches weighs approximately 1 357 tons Figure 1 Conversion from gpm to Acre in for different water application durations Figure